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SMA Family Camp- a camp for families that have a member with SMA

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Fun….that’s the word that firstly describes SMA Family Camp. The next words would be support, connections, growth and freedom. You may wonder why freedom would be included in the description. Simply put, it’s the freedom you feel when you are in a group setting, surrounded by people that truly “get” what your family life is like. You don’t have to explain anything, you can just let go and experience the joy of knowing that every activity is designed with inclusion for all, by people that know what SMA is, and are living it too.

Families come from across Canada, the USA and even beyond to join this unique experience. They take home memories that last a lifetime, and family friends in their back pocket that they contact year round. Come join the fun, even if you aren’t a “camping family” your needs can be accommodated, and you will be so glad you gave your family the amazing gift of this experience!

More camp news, and details about upcoming camps, may be found on the FSMACS FaceBook page


SMA Family Camp 2016 (West) SMA Family Camp 2016 (East)

This camp is especially for all Alberta and BC families.

Dates: July 4-9, 2016

Event information is on the FaceBook group page

Contact the FSMAC office for more information

This camp is for all families in Eastern Canada.

Dates: July 14-17, 2016

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